English for Libya

Website and custom-built forum for the Libyan Ministry of Education.

The project

The Libyan Ministry of Education was in the process of implementing a major nationwide educational programme to improve children's ability to speak English. To support a major investment in books, resources and teacher training a website was required to host resources and provide a forum for teachers to share their experiences and solve problems together. We built the site on a relatively tight timeline and continue to maintain and improve it today. The site has been used by thousands of Libyan teachers.

The technology

There are a few elements to the site build. To ensure the site was fast and able to cope with large spikes in traffic we built the main interface it in React and deployed it to Netlify. A key part of the build was the forum. We couldn't find an existing platform that met our requirements and so built a custom forum using Redux, Node, Express and MongoDB. Many parts of the site require authentication and we used Netlify's GoTrue to provide both email and Facebook login options.

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